With Bruce Arnold’s guitar chittering and tweeting, I was put in mind of the instinctive struggles of something small to break out of its egg- perhaps a pupa. That’s why Sonic Twist’s® video “Chrysalis” became a weird combination of science fiction and nature documentary. Bruce’s guitar also adds mysterious, tremolo chords enforcing the sense of suspense and wonder. This video was created in the height of the first Big Covid Lockdown in New York City. I had not been out of my house in weeks. I cast about for an image or a motif to use that was already in my house. I fixated on a pair of surgical gloves, and brought the “Chrysalis” to life through a hand dance! The visuals can be interpreted as insectile, sub-marine or microscopic. (Case in point, the confounding survivalist nonpareil, the Tardigrade.) A fitting association during a plague.

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