This is another in the series of early green screen videos. “Flutterby” is probably my most complex experiment with applying effects to both the background and the “foreground” content. Although it took an awful lot of time to create, it was also invigorating to learn about so many of the filters and effects I could achieve in post with an editing program. The music recalls the many looping patterns of butterflies in flight —something vocalist Judi Silvano has long appreciated as she gardens—and hence its name, “Flutterby.” The video uses the motifs of these beautiful insects as she and Bruce (the duo of Sonic Twist®) “compose in the moment” in front of the green screen. The background videos are all shots of butterflies that highlight the beauty of their wings, but the most intriguing and architectural are microscopic magnifications of wings and antennae. The musicians are sometimes embedded within silhouettes of themselves (sometimes the inverse) and all layers are put through filters. Whew!

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