I Saw That

Vocalist Judi Silvano has a way with words, and she mines her own subconscious to express them in her work with guitarist Bruce Arnold. In Sonic Twist’s® “I Saw That” she starts off in a whisper, with Bruce joining in as a pulse point, giving her free rein to wander wherever she will. And wander she does; free-associating through inner dialogues. When it came time to create a video for the piece, I felt strongly that the jumpy transitions conjured up the thought processes of a small animal–perhaps a dog? As fate would have it, Georgia the miniature dachshund was the perfect subject, and her owner, artist Joshua Abelow was willing to follow her around over the course of several days and donate the footage. Remarkably, Georgia’s high metabolism was totally in sync with Bruce Arnold’s guitar pulsations – even her tail wagged in time! The final wonderful coincidence was Georgia’s excursion over to the neighboring rural cemetery, perfectly visualizing Judi ‘s extemporaneous rumination on mortality: “Why do we have to stop—why can’t we go on like this some more?” Georgia is, sadly, no longer with us. But “I Saw That” is a fine memento of this whimsical soul.

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