My Neighborhood

This is the video that started it all. Unlike 98% of Sonic Twist’s music, this is an actual composed song. Judi had written the song as an ode to the enjoyment of life…but when Bruce added the low-end groaning sustains, and I heard the middle improvised section, I was taken to a much darker place. Add to that the lyric “I saw two legged creatures” and I envisioned a visitor from another planet looking at us, and what we are doing to the earth. I suggested that I attempt a video that had nothing to do with performance documentation, and the duo gave me the go-ahead. The bulk of the footage comes from Judi walking around her property and wandering in the nearby town. I supplied some “walk in the woods” video and some clips of man-made disasters. It ends with a hovering bird that gradually disappears into the clouds and the lyric “give gratitude” implying the need to appreciate what we have, before we destroy it.

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