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Ketubah designs are a new field to me, but I love the process of creating them. It started a year ago: I was approached by a couple about to be married, who wanted me to create a unique work of art for the marriage contract known as a ketubah.

They had the calligrapher lined up, and a carefully chosen text; and they wanted the rest of their ketubah to look just as special.

I was very touched that this terribly important document was being placed in my hands, as it would forever represent in visual terms, the vows they would be making to each other.

I suggested that I create a collage on paper—using as my base, the same paper that the calligrapher would use to write the ketubah, with a blank area to be cut out later, and applied over the document. I ended up presenting them with several Ketubah designs until they they were totally happy.

It took several passes, and I loved all of them for different reasons.

Ketubah #1

This turned into a process between the couple and myself.

Ketubah #2

This was when I found out they did not like orange.

Ketubah #3

I decided to go in a completely different direction.


They gave me the palette they were most attracted to, and we eventually arrived at the border they loved and used.

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